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| name = corona-notice
| type = system
| text = In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we are expanding our documentation on online experiments, as well as providing tech tips for working from home. <br/>
  {{Bulleted list
  | Create online questionnaires with [[LimeSurvey]] or [[Qualtrics]]
  | [[Online experiment systems| Create complete online experiments]]
  | [[Zoom|How to set up a video conference]]
| image = [[File:coronavirus.svg|40px]]
| plainlinks = no
Welcome to the TSG Wiki.  
Welcome to the TSG Wiki.  

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Welcome to the TSG Wiki.

On this wiki you will find documentation for the Hardware, Software and Research Equipment used in the lab environments of the research facilities of the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as other useful information. To learn more about the Technical Support Group, visit our website or the about section.