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=== Ensure access to BrainStream code and required toolboxes ===
The BrainStream package can be downloaded [ .git here] (will be available end of January 2015.only accessible by members) or via alternative checkout from another repository (internal people only).
BrainStream requires some additional software, which is standardly included with the distribution of BrainStream. This is an overview of the additional software: <br /> [ FieldTrip toolbox] <br /> [ Java library] for reading/writing Excel, jxl.jar GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) <br /> [ MSocket]: Copyright (c)* 2006 MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Steven Michael ( <br /> [ fparser.m]: Copyright (c)* 2009, urs (us) schwarz ( <br /> [ uipickfiles.m]: Copyright (c)* 2007, Douglas M. Schwarz <br /> [ inifile.m]: Copyright (c)* 2003-2005 Primoz Cermelj, Slovenia ( <br /> [ findjobj.m]: Copyright (c)* 2014, Yair Altman <br /> [ GUILayout]: Copyright ©* 2014, Ben Tordoff <br /> [ jsonlab]: Copyright(c)* 2011-2014 Qianqian Fang <br /> (c)* All rights reserved, BSD license (see Matlab for explanation or read the BSD.txt file in ''third_parties'' subfolder in BrainStream's core folder)

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