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Pilot Run

It is the researcher's responsibility to make sure that a pilot run is performed and verify that everything is set up properly and the data is correct. For instance, if the goal is to connect SONA to an experiment(e.g. PsychoPy) and a Survey (e.g. LimeSurvey), please make sure that it is possible to link the response data of a single participant over the various platforms used.


jsPsych is our preferred framework.

Custom solutions

For more complex experiment designs or if you need very specific features, a custom design might be necessary. TSG helps you getting started, provides support during this process or implements such a web application for you. Hosting the experiment can (and in some cases even must) be done on our Titus server. Currently, there is no ready made solution for researchers to manage their experiments themselves. It is planned for this facility, but it will not become available soon. In the mean time we will put it on the server for you or discuss the procedure to find a possible customised way of working. In case you would like to create a web server on your computer locally, if your (jsPsych) experiment requires data storage directly on our Titus server, follow the instructions here.

Some implemented examples are outlined here.

Psychopy Builder with Pavlovia

PsychoPy Builder is a free and open system (GNU GPL v3.0) for building experiment with a visual interface, both in the lab and online.

Radboud university has a institute License for publishing Psychopy Builder experiments on

Do not confuse Psychopy Builder with Psychopy Coder, for which we have a workshop and a tutorial.


OpenSesame is a mature free and open system (GNU GPL v3) for building experiment with a visual interface, both in the lab and online.


Gorilla is an online hosted solution for which DCC and BSI have a license. Usage is allowed but not supported by TSG. For DCC see here for more info.


lab js is a free and open solution (Apache/ AGPL) for which we currently do not offer support.


Psiturk is a free and open solution (MIT) for which we currently do not offer support. It is build for usage in conjunction with Amazon Mechanical Turk, but can also be used without.

Panel systems, integration


Sona integrates with more than 15 online survey products and experiment builders, find the instructions here on how to do this.


Prolific is a crowd-sourcing platform. For DCC see here for more information.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

CloudResearch (TurkPrime)