Eyelink 1000 calibration

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Calibration Eyelink 1000


Required hardware

  • Eyelink 1000 PC + camera
  • Extra computer with ethernet port (here referred to as PC2)


  • PC2 with ethernet cable to Eyelink PC (Note: use correct RJ45 input port)
  • Camera to Eyelink PC (big black cable)
  • Power supplies for computer and camera
  • Eyes left and right cables for camera should normally be and stay connected
  • Settings for ethernet connections: configure IP4 manually: ip-address: and subnet mask:


  • Required Eyelink framework library files: ask TSG to install these files.
  • Matlab and Psychtoolbox
  • BrainStream toolbox (also for for streaming Eyelink data to FieldTrip buffer, git@gitlab.socsci.ru.nl:cai-bci/brainstream.git)
  • Calibration function, available via BrainStream toolbox, $brainstream/resources/devices/eyelink/calibrate_eyelink.m

the calibration function includes an option to send an image to Eyelink PC monitor remotely via Eyelink connection and initialises stimulation screen fullscreen, which guarantees correct screen resolution parameters.
Note: start_eyelink_buffer script only after finishing the calibration procedure otherwise you run into a connection error


  • start Matlab
  • change directory to $brainstream/resources/devices/eyelink ($brainstream refers to BrainStream toolbox folder)
  • add Psychtoolbox to Matlab path (you need to know the folder where Psychtoolbox is installed)
  • start:
  calibrate_eyelink(<optionally provide name of image to be shown as input argument>)
  • Calibration procedure starts/continues after pressing the ‘c’ key or the ‘calibrate' button on the Eyelink PC