EEG lab user guide

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Advance notes

Certified users only

DCC researchers who intend to use the EEG labs have to be introduced to the EEG labs by the lab coordinator. The lab coordinator will set up an appointment for an introduction to the EEG labs, the available hardware and software, EEG lab rules and -procedures. Lab users that have not been introduced to the EEG labs in this way, are not allowed to use the labs.

Handle EEG equipment with care

The EEG equipment is highly valuable as well as vulnerable. Cables and wires are extremely fragile. Do not twist or pull the cables, and avoid contact with water.

EEG lab user guide

In the EEG lab user guide you will find some general rules and procedures with regard to usage of the EEG-labs at the DCC. In case of questions, remarks or suggestions about these rules and procedures or in case of other questions related to the EEG-labs, please contact the lab coordinator