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Web Application Development Possibilities at TSG


Welcome to the TSG Software Development Possibilities page! This document outlines the various avenues and technologies available for software development within TSG, with a particular focus on creating software solutions for researchers. Whether you are a developer, project manager, or researcher, this guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the tools and frameworks at your disposal.

Web Applications

Frontend Development

TSG supports frontend development using technologies like:

  • Vue.js: A progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.
  • Quasar Framework: A Vue.js framework for building responsive and high-performance multi-platform applications.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/TypeScript: Standard web technologies for creating interactive and responsive user interfaces.

For advanced graphics rendering, consider:

  • PixiJS: A fast 2D rendering engine for the web.
  • HTML5 Canvas

Backend Development

For backend development, TSG leverages:

  • Python: A versatile programming language.
  • Django: A high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
  • Docker: Docker is a platform designed to help developers build, share, and run container applications.
  • Postgres: Relational database.

Web Application / Database Hosting

TSG provides web application hosting services to ensure the deployment and accessibility of your projects. Our hosting infrastructure is designed to support a variety of web applications, ranging from those built with Vue.js to Python-based applications using Django.

Technologies we currently use for deployment are:

  • Docker: Docker is a platform designed to help developers build, share, and run container applications.
  • Apache2
  • Gitlab pages

Version Control and Collaboration

TSG promotes efficient version control and collaboration through:

  • Gitlab Projects: Hosted repositories for managing source code.Gitlab Social Sciences
  • Continuous Integration (CI) Pipelines: Automated build and testing processes integrated into Gitlab projects.

API Development

TSG encourages the creation of APIs to facilitate data exchange and integration. Key technologies include:

  • RESTful APIs: Standardized APIs for seamless communication.
  • Django Rest Framework: A web framework for building APIs quickly.
  • Postman: Postman is an API platform for building and using APIs.

Graphics Rendering

For projects requiring advanced graphics rendering capabilities:

  • PixiJS: A powerful library for 2D web graphics rendering.
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Others: We can take a look at what's available and fits your project.


Comprehensive documentation is crucial for successful software development. TSG recommends:

  • Markdown: Lightweight markup language for creating rich text documents.
  • MediaWiki Pages: Easily editable and accessible documentation for all projects.

Knowledge sharing

At TSG software development group, we believe in the philosophy that 'sharing is caring.'

To foster a collaborative and knowledge-sharing culture, we organize regular 'Sharing is Caring' sessions within our software development group. These sessions provide a platform for team members to showcase their latest projects, share valuable insights, and discuss innovative solutions. Whether it's a successful implementation, a challenging problem overcome, or a new technology exploration, these sessions are an opportunity for our developers to learn from each other's experiences and collectively enhance our skills.

By actively participating in 'Sharing is Caring' sessions, we strengthen our bonds as a team, stay updated on emerging trends, and collectively contribute to the growth and success of our software development endeavors.

How to Get Started

For client assistance or inquiries about our software development services, feel free to reach out to the TSG at tsg@ru.nl for any inquiries or assistance. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth experience and addressing queries promptly for the success of your projects.

Happy coding!