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If you want to view Ultimo (DCC) lab booking in your own calendar software (for instance google calendar). Use one the following urls. Replace U123456 with your own u-number. If you want to see just one lab, use one of the bottom two urls.

Google Calendar

To add the Ultimo calendar to Google Calendar:

  • Go to Google Calendar on your computer (not the app).
  • Click the down triangle icon ( ▼ ) to the right of Other calendars.
  • Choose Add by URL
  • Copy the desired URL above and paste it in the dialog.
  • Click Add Calendar

The calendar data will appear shortly. It will be updated about daily. Optionally you can give it a more concise name.

Android Calendar

  • Follow the steps above for Google Calendar.
  • Open the Android Calendar App
  • Click vertical ellipsis ( ⋮ ) → refresh
  • Click hamburger icon ( ≡ ) → settings
  • ( click show more )
  • Click the desired calendar's name (starting with https://www.socsci.ru.nl/labbooking/ics if you did not rename it)

Gnome Calendar

  • Start gnome-calendar
  • Click Calendar Setting
  • Click the calendar icon ( 📅 )
  • Click Add ▼From Web...'
  • Copy the desired URL above and paste it in the dialog
  • Click Add