Tobii Eye Tracker

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The Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are integrated into a 17" TFT monitor. They are ideal for all forms of eye tracking studies using screen based stimuli.


Technical Specification

Tobii T60 Eye Tracker Tobii 120 Eye Tracker*


0.5 degrees 0.5 degrees


< 0.3 degrees < 0.3 degrees

Freedom of Head Movement

44x22x30cm 30x22x30cm

Data Rate

60Hz 120Hz

Binocular Tracking

Yes Yes

TFT Display

17" TFT, 1280x1024Pixels 17" TFT, 1280x1024Pixels

Bright/Dark Pupil Tracking

Both - automatic optimization Both - automatic optimization

Eye Tracking Server

Embedded Embedded

User Camera

Built in Built in


Built in Built in
  • The Tobii T120 Eye Tracker can also run in T60 mode with full head movement box

Getting started

Find the Getting started here Media:Getting_a_Tobii_Eye_Tracker_to_Work.pdf