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== Embedded ==  
=== Embedded ===  
| title = Embedded Example
| title = Embedded Example

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{{Infobox resources
| child          = 
| name           = 
| title          = 
| image          = 
| image size     = 
| image alt      = 
| caption        = <!-- Image name is enough -->
| label1         = 
| data1          = 
| downloads      = <!-- List of links -->
| manuals        = <!-- List of links -->


Template:Infobox resources

{{Infobox resources
| name           = Physical Place Holder
| image          = placeholder.png
| caption        = The device in action
| downloads      = {{bulleted list
      | [[Main Page|Installer]]
      | [[Main Page|Drivers]]
| manuals        = {{bulleted list
      | [[Main Page|Quick Start Guide]]
      | [[Main Page|Reference Guide]]


Embedded Example
Template:Infobox resources
| title = Embedded Example
| label1 = label1
|  data1 = data1
| label2 = label2
|  data2 = data2
|  data3 =
 {{Infobox resources
  | child = yes
  | downloads = *[[Main Page|Link]]


All parameters are optional.

Whether the infobox is placed embedded in an other infobox. The infobox will be styled accordingly. If embedded, the name/title will not be displayed. For technical reasons, anything for this parameter has the same effect, be it "yes", "no" or anything else. To nullify the effect of this parameter, you need to omit it.
Name of the infobox. Can affect the title of the infobox but its primary use is to help retrieve release data from outside the article. In such cases, if you want to edit the title at the top of the infobox, use the |title= parameter instead.
Attention: Please do not include a wikilink, hyperlink or image in this parameter. This parameter should be composed of pure text.
Name of the software product as displayed above the infobox. When not specified, contents of |name= parameter will be displayed instead.
Important note: Please do not include an image in this field.
CSS styling for the infobox as a whole. Don't touch unless you know what you're doing.
Code for an image to be displayed at the top of the infobox. You may specify a full image syntax or just a file name, with or without namespace prefix. In other words, the following examples are all acceptable:
image size
Size of the image. Defaults to 300px.
image alt
Alternative text of the image; very important.
Caption of the image that appears below it.
Some space left to possibly include other information before the resource links.
Some space left to possibly include other information before the resource links.
Designed to take a list of (download) links using something like {{bulleted list}}.
Designed to take a list of links (to manuals) using something like {{bulleted list}}.