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Tmsi mobita.jpg



  • Mobita with trigger-header (MobA##et), connected to trigger interface (midi-buttonbox) via iso-trigger module.
  • Trigger interface MDI IN connected to MIDI OUT on iRig2 device (midi controller)
  • iRig2 device connected to main machine USB.
  • Windows machine with both ethernet and wifi (use dongle and shut down regular wifi!)
  • Buffer_BCI software
  • TMSi Fieldtrip Polybench
  • Main machine with ethernet
  • Matlab
  • Brainstream


  • Connect Mobita with header.

Blue light on Mobita should start flashing.

  • On Windows machine, setup WiFi dongle connection with mobita. Password is MOBITAxxxxxxx, where the x-es are the last seven numbers of the mobita.

Windows should say 'Connected' or 'Verbonden'.

  • On Windows machine, double-click downloads/buffer_bci/buffer_bci/dataAcq/startBuffer

Command window with buffer should pop-up.

  • On Windows machine, start Polybench (TSMi to Fieldtrip). In Polybench, set ‘Front-end categ’ to ‘WiFi front-ends’ and check sample frequency, then press ‘Start’.

Buffer should start running data, Polybench should show data of first four channels.

  • On main machine, start a Matlab session, then run the code snippet below. Make sure the src variable is set according to the Windows machine’s IP address (IPv4-address).

Matlab should start running data.

  cd ~/bci_code/toolboxes/brainstream/core/
  % verify src ip-address of Windows machine to find the xxx numbers!
  src = 'buffer://'; 
  dst = 'buffer://localhost:1973'; 
  trigger = []; = 'get_tmsi_mobita_triggers'; = 36; % check number of channels of header!
  • The variable ‘dst’ specifies the location at which the buffer can be found, i.e., where to find the data for the main applitcation (e.g., BrainStream project).

View data

  • Start a Matlab session, and run the lines below, where the variable src is set according to the ‘FieldTrip server IP’ in Polybench.
  cd ~/bci_code/toolboxes/brainstream/core/
  % with default preprocessing
  src = 'buffer://localhost:1973:tmsi_mobita|rjv_basic_preproc_biosemi_active2';
  % without preprocessing
  src = 'buffer://localhost:1973:tmsi_mobita|rjv_basic_preproc_biosemi_active2';


  • Mobita_0710130019 works with header 0730140005.
  • Mobita works with only one trigger input, only at event/marker value 1.
  • Trigger pulse can be viewed using quick_buffer_viewer_raw at brainstream/resources/start_scripts or StartBufferViewer at buffer_bci/dataAcq