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{{Infobox software
{{Infobox software
| name                  = System Image
| name                  = System Image

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System Image
Developer(s)Technical Support Group
Installed version23.0 / 20 November 2015; 5 years ago (2015-11-20)
Operating systemWindows 7, Ubuntu

Our Lab Computers are installed with a System Image to unify software and driver versions and configuration in all BSI and DCC labs. This allows researchers to easily transfer their experiments from one lab to the other in case of booking constraints, or conduct research in multiple labs simultaneously with identical settings. The TSG will periodically update this image to improve performance and security.
During the update, the Windows (C:\) and Linux system drives will be wiped. Make sure to save your data on the E:\ drive, which will remain untouched, and backup your data to your network drive as soon and often as possible.


The system image for the lab computers installs a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7 and Ubuntu (Linux). Users can choose which operating system to start when booting the PC. The storage drive is partitioned into system drives and data drives. As mentioned above, the system drives will be wiped during a system image update. The data drives can be used to write data from your experiment to, but are not meant as long-term storage.

Pre-Installed Software

(Updated 20-11-2015)

Research Applications

Product Name Publisher Installed Version License Type Dongle Req. Windows Linux
Presentation Neurobehavioral Systems [fn 1] Academic Yes [fn 2] Yes No
Psychopy Nottingham University 1.83.01 [fn 3] GNU GPL No Yes Yes
Matlab MathWorks 2013b Academic No Yes Yes
Inquisit 3 Desktop Millisecond Software Desktop Academic No Yes No
Inquisit 4 Lab Millisecond Software Desktop [fn 4] Academic No Yes No
E-Prime Standard Edition PST-Software Research Only Yes Yes No
Arduino IDE Arduino 1.6.3 GNU GPL/LGPL No Yes No
Brainvision Media Recorder 1.20.0801 Non-Commercial Yes Yes No
Biopac BioPac Student Lab 3.7.7 Commercial No [fn 5] Yes No
Python Python 2.7.9 Open Source No Yes Yes
Git Git 2.6.3 [fn 6] Open Source No Yes No
Cyberduck Cyberduck 4.7.3 [fn 6] Libre No Yes No
Git Desktop Git Desktop 3.0.7 [fn 6] Commercial No Yes No

Standard Applications

Product Name Publisher Installed Version License Type Windows Linux
7zip 7zip 9.20 [fn 6] GNU GPL/LGPL Yes No
Office 2010 Microsoft 2010 Plus Academic Yes No
VLC Media Player VideoLan 2.1.5 GNU GPL Yes Yes
F-Secure Client Security F-Secure 11.60 Academic Yes No
Logitech Webcam Software Logitech 2.51.828.0 Commercial Yes No
Logitech Mouse Software Logitech  ?? Commercial Yes No
Spyder Utility Datacolor Spyder4Elite 4.5.4 [fn 6] Commercial Yes No
Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe XI (11.0.10) Commercial Yes No
Audacity AudacityTeam 2.1.0 GNU GPL Yes Yes
  1. For BSI: version
  2. Limited network licenses are also available
  3. For BSI: version 1.82.01
  4. For BSI: version Desktop
  5. Requires Biopac device to be attached
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Not available for BSI