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Axis M1034-W network camera

If your lab does not have a fixed monitor system, you can borrow the Axis M1034-W network camera to observe a lab and people in it.


Put the camera on a table and aim it at whatever it is that you want to observe. Connect the power adapter to a power outlet. There is no need to connect an ethernet cable. The camera will automatically connect to the university wireless network. Using an ethernet cable will increase the image quality.


Plug in the camera. The bottom LED will become green. It may take up to five minutes for the connection (DDNS) to work after the LED turned green.

With a video viewing program (such as vlc) go to rtsp://
With a web browser go to

You will have to enter a username and password. The username and password are on a sticker at the base of the camera. The URL of the camera may appear to be outside the university network. This is not the case. The camera is on the Radboud University network and can only be accessed from the Radboud university network.

The web browser link will give you more options, the video viewing program link will give you better image refresh rate.


Audio buttons

In the web browser, audio buttons are in the bottom left of the Live View screen. Press the Microphone button to prevent the participant from hearing you (if a microphone is connected to your computer). Press the Speakers button to prevent hearing the participant. In the image to the right, the Speakers button has been pressed to mute the computer speakers.