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Mounting a Webdav File System

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KS2 drive
== KS<sup>2</sup> drive ==
[[File:Ks2.png|frameless|left|KS<sup>2</sup> configure]]
If you want data to be synchronized automatically you can use
[ KS<sup>2</sup> drive]. It is the same program that Utrecht university calls Yoda drive and for which the Donders Institute has an
[ intranet page]. It integrates nicely with the classical Windows system with drive letters.
If you do not have administrative privileges on your computer, please install the '''portable''' version of the software. Just unzip it somewhere convenient . After installing the software configure your webdav drive as shown in the image. Ather this you can use the taskbar icon for viewing the log and make a desktop linkmounting the drive.[[File:Ks2 mount.png|frame|left|KS<sup>2</sup> configure]]
= Mac OSX =

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