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RIVER Lab/Legacy

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| Wireless VR || style="background-color:#F99;" | No || style="background-color:#FFB;" | No<ref>Possible with Oculus Rift DK1 only.</ref>
| Stimulus PC || [[Dell_Precision_T-series#T3610|Dell Precision T3610]] <ref name="stimpc" group="n">Different graphics card installed (GTX1060 or GTX1080). For exact up-to-date specifications, please contact the [[RIVER_Labs/manager|lab manager]] </ref> || [[RIVER LabsDell_Precision_T-series#Stimulus PC (RIVER Lab 2)T3610|See belowDell Precision T3610]]<ref name="stimpc" group="n"/>
| Stimulus Software || colspan="2" style="text-align:center"| [ Worldviz Vizard 4.0], [ Unity]
<references group="n"/>
=== Head Mounted Displays ===
As of September 2017, the Vive in RIVER Lab 2 has been equipped with the Deluxe Audio Strap, which has built-in headphones.
=== Stimulus PC (RIVER Lab 2) ===
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| Storage || Samsung SSD 840 EVO, 128GB
Note: this system is used with the Oculus HMDs only. For up-to-date specifications of the stimulus PC used with the HTC Vive, please contact the [[RIVER_Labs/manager|lab manager]]
=== Other Equipment ===
*Anker Astro Pro 14400mAh external battery.<ref></ref>
*Sennheiser RS160 wireless headphones.<ref></ref>
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==See Also==
*[[Head Mounted Displays]]

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