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{{AmboxFmbox | name = corona-notice | type = noticesystem | text = If you are, or have been a customer In light of the Technical Support Groupcurrent COVID-19 situation, please consider filling in we are expanding our [https://survey.socsci.rudocumentation on online experiments, as well as providing tech tips for working from<br/index.php/622997/lang-en TSG Customer Survey!> {{Bulleted list | Create online questionnaires with [[LimeSurvey]] or [[Qualtrics]] | [[Zoom|How to set up a video conference]] }} | image = {{{image[[File:coronavirus.svg|40px]] |}}}plainlinks = no
Welcome to the TSG Wiki.
| [[Video Codecs]]
| [[Virtualization Server]]
| [[Zoom|Zoom ]] (Video Conferencing)]]

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