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*Use the desktop installment.
*Find quiet room.
*Use a fast wired network connection (avoid Wifi). start this [ '''speedtest''']. The yellow bar for download and upload should be above 1.2Mbps for one-on-one meetings. A group(for example 5) zoom meeting should be above 20Mbps.
*Wall mount power supply for your PC (to avoid battery issues).
*We recommend diffuse lighting from the front (e.g. window). We do not recommend lighting from behind or above (neons), because this causes underexposed and poorly lit faces.
*A neutral and static background helps to reduce distractions during the talk.
*Some people prefer giving the presentation while standing. This significantly improves the intonation and makes the presentation more dynamic.
*'''Optimize Zoom'''. Go to the '''start video''' arrow on the lower left side. Select '''Video settings...'''.
*Select '''Enable HD''' and '''Touch up my appearance'''.

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