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Psychopy installation

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Installing Python 3 and Psychopy 3 for Windows
# (skip this step if you have Python 3.7 32 bit installed already and you want to keep it) Install the newest 32 bit version of Python 3.7. You can download it [ here]. If that does not work, go [ here] and choose the 32 bit installer. During installation choose 'add python.exe to path'.
# Download this [ file] (right-click -&gt; save link as...) with all other requirements. Ope a command window with administrative privileges and to go to the folder where you downloaded it. From the command line type: <br /><tt>pip install -r DEPS3.txt</tt><br /> Enjoy watching, and see if there are any errors.
# Now Psychopy is installed on your system. You may want to make a link that opens ''C:\...\'' with ''pythonw.exe'' and has ''C:\...\psychopy.ico'' as icon.
I thank [ Christoph Gohlke] for compiling the individual packages. If you want to use 64 bit Python 3.7, use this [ dependency file].

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