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Mattermost Social Sciences

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The [ Mattermost for Social Sciences] is an add-on to [[Gitlab Social Sciences Mattermost server]].
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== Features ==
Mattermost is a chat system hosted on Radboud servers.You you can use it in any web browser , or with apps for on your computer and or mobile phone.
It is an additional service of GitLab, and integrates nicely with your groups and projects there.
If you are not online when someone mentions your name, you will get notified by E-Mail.
Like the GitLab service, Mattermost is hosted here on-premises at the Radboud University.
== Requirements ==
You need a GitLab account to log in at* Everyone from Radboud University can login (with their U-, S-, E- or F-number).* External users can ask for an account and then login with their username (switch to the "Standard" tab in the Sign-In page). == Login see [[Gitlab Social Sciences]] for external users ==If you want to allow people without Radboud University account to access and contribute to your GitLab projectmore information.
== Frequently asked questions ==

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