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First draft about Mattermost chat
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The [ Social Sciences GitLab server].

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== Features ==
With GitLab you can easily manage your projects, synchronize your code between computers, or create wiki-pages for documentation.

== Requirements ==
1. A GitLab account to log in at
* Everyone from Radboud University can login (with their U-, S-, E- or F-number).
* External users can ask for an account and then login with their username (switch to the "Standard" tab in the Sign-In page).
2. For more than the most basic tasks, you'll also need to install [ Git] on your computer.

== Login for external users ==
If you want to allow people without Radboud University account to access and contribute to your GitLab project, you can request a standard user account by sending an email to
Please provide the full name of the user, a requested username, and a valid email address, preferably from the university the person is working in.

Note that with an external account, the user has to switch to the "Standard" tab on the Sign-In page.
From GitLab's point of view, all accounts have the same rights and restrictions.
Once logged in, there are no further differences.

== Frequently asked questions ==

=== Who has access to ===
Short answer: Anyone with a GitLab account, i.e. everyone from Radboud University, and some people from other universities.

Longer answer: All employees and students of Radboud University have access (with their U-, S-, E- or F-number).
If you log in the first time to GitLab, a corresponding account will be created.
In addition, you can request accounts for people from other universities, for example to collaborate with them on confidential projects.
See External Users above.

== Troubleshooting ==
For technical issues you can contact [].

=== Known issues ===

* None :)

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==External Links== <!-- Optional -->
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