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Sound Recording Lab

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{{Infobox tsg | name =Sound Recording Labs | image = Soundlab Setup | caption = | manuals ={{bulleted list | [[Media:Beer_Audio.pdf|Lab Setup and User Manual]] }}}}
{Our sound recording labs are special, sound-proofed rooms for speech recording and critical audio listening. <!-- Table of Contents will be generated here --> <!--==Physical Properties==Dimensions, special features, etc.--> ==Equipment== *[[Computers#Lab Computer|Dell T3600]]*[[Monitors|Benq XL2420Z]]*[[Behringer X-Air XR18]] ==Usage==| See [[FileMedia:Sound Beer_Audio.pdf|Lab Setup2.JPGSetup and User Manual]] ==See Also== <!-- Optional -->*[[Behringer X-Air XR18]]|}<!--==References==<references />  ==External Links==-->

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