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System Image/Changelog

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'''Software Changes'''
* Ubuntu-partitie partition is updated
* python 2.7.12 python 2.7.14
* psychopy 1.84.2 psychopy 1.85.3
Psychopy 1.84 has been replaced by with 1.85.The default audio backend back-end has changed as a result.If you experience problems with sound after this update, read on httptry our troubleshooting guide://[[Psychopy#Version_Change_to_1.85]]
'''Removed Software'''
* pyaml 16.11.0
* pyo 0.8.3
* sphinx-rtd-theme0theme 0.1.10a0
'''Added Software'''
* a shortcut to the workgroupdrive is placed on the desktop
* shortcuts to spyder an psychopy are placed on the desktop
* UsefulInfo is adjustedupdated
==Version 3.3==

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