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Psychopy installation

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As Library, post install
==As Library, post install==
Many packages are already present. You have a working system now. You may want to install more. Popular packages include (list is highly incomplete)are in [https:* Expyriment, pygame based stimulus presentation and data collection// DEPS1853_extra. Install with piptxt]. * Pyside, Python Qt bindings as made by Digia, You can install them the same way you installed the makers of Qtpsychopy dependencies. Install with pip. Due to   Some packages were not in the easier installation procedure Pyside file, since installing them that way is preferred over PyQt.not possible:
* PresPy, Neurobs Presentation stimuli from Python. Make a login on the Neurobs website, download PresPy.pyd and put it in c:\python27\...\sites-packages.
* Pattern, Natural language processing, web scraping and more. Install with pip.
* Kivy, installation is problematic in Windows.
* Pycharm* OpenSesame* Sklearn* Matplotlib[ PyCharm]

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