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Psychopy installation

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=Installing Python and Psychopyfor Windows=
Do you want to install Psychopy? Please refer to the psychopy installation [ page] or keep reading. Instructions Alternative methods for Windows and instructions for non-Windows users are below those for Linux users[ here]
==Linux== ===System installer=Windows stand-alone== If you have a debian-like system (Ubunutu, Debian), The newest version of Psychopy is available from [ neurodebian.] Adding the neurodebian installation source before continuing will improve your experience. On Linux systems installing Python and the required libraries is usually possible with your systems's software installer. Just click Psychopy and you are ready to go. The installer will make sure that all you need is installed.
If you do not use Python for purposes other than PsychoPy experiments, you are advised to use the PsychoPy stand-alone Windows [[Imagehttp:muon//]html installer]. Choose StandalonePsychoPy-1.85.4-win32.exe or something newer if present.
Additionally you may want tot ===Stand-alone post install a number of much used libraries:===
* python-serial* python-opengl* python-qt4* python-wxgtk* python-pyglet* python-pygame* python-pyaudio (portaudio)* python-opencv* python-pip* python-setuptoolsYou may want to install additional packages. The authors of Psychopy You can either use the [ method]
The names above are those for Ubuntu and friends (Kubuntu, Lubuntu). The names of then packages may slightly vary for other Unices. ===PyPI=== In addition to this you may want tot install some packages from the Python Package index (PyPI). The python-pip package contains a nice tool for this called ''pip''. To install for instance the RuSocSci type the following: ''sudo pip install RuSocSci''. The system will respond with something like:  example:~> sudo pip install -U RuSocSci Downloading/unpacking RuSocSci Downloading Running egg_info for package RuSocSci Downloading/unpacking pyserial (from RuSocSci) Downloading pyserial-2.7.tar.gz (122Kb): 122Kb downloaded Running egg_info for package pyserial Installing collected packages: RuSocSci, pyserial Found existing installation: RuSocSci 0.6.6 Uninstalling RuSocSci: Successfully uninstalled RuSocSci Running install for RuSocSci Found existing installation: pyserial 2.7 Uninstalling pyserial: Successfully uninstalled pyserial Running install for pyserial changing mode of build/scripts-2.7/ from 644 to 755 changing mode of /usr/local/bin/ to 755 Successfully installed RuSocSci pyserial Cleaning up... You are now ready to use PsychoPy. Packages you may want to install with pip include: * rusocsci* moviepy ==Windows stand-alone== If you do not use Python for purposes other than PsychoPy experiments, you are advised to use the PsychoPy stand-alone Windows [ installer]. Choose StandalonePsychoPy-1.85.2-win32.exe or something newer if present. After installation please continue at Windows post install ==Windows with PsychoPy 1.85.3 4 as library==
If you already have Python 2.7 installed on your computer or if you want to use Python for other purposes as well, you are advised to install PsychoPy as library. This is substantially more work. Perhaps you would really prefer installing Linux on your system rather than doing this.
==Windows post install==
You may want to consider installing many more packages. Unless otherwise noted, they can be installed with pip.
* lxml
* dateutils
* antigravity
* kivy
* expyriment
* opencv2 (copy cv2.pyd to /Lib)
* PresPy.pyd (copy /Lib) to use python scripts with Neurobs presentation stimuli.
* avbin5. You can download it [ here] or better [ here]. Choose Version 5 binary release, Windows (32-bit x86). Copy avbin.dll into WOW64.
* pyo. You can download it [ here]. Choose a the newest ...py2.7_setup.exe.
* PyQt/ PySide. You can download it [ here]. Choose the newest PyQt4 Python 2.7 32 bit Windows installer. PySide is available from pypi.
* PyQtGraph. You can download it [ here].
On all operating systems you can use Anaconda. After installation of anaconda:
Use ''conda'' or ''anaconda-navigator'' to install: wxpython, pandas, lxml, opencv (opencv and vlc are necessary for moviestim2)
Use ''conda'' or ''anaconda-navigator'' to add the channel ''cogsci'' and install psychopy 1.82.
Do you like this method? Ask me to make a channel containing the newest Psychopy.
Your quest to install PsychoPy on Windows has finished. Welcome, brave sir Knight. Welcome to the Castle Anthrax.

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