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Neurobs Presentation

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Presentation is a Windows based programming tool that allows experimenters to set up and program all sort of experiments. It is the recommended software for time-accurate experiments and therefore supported by the institutes’ (Social Sciences Faculty, the MPI and the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging) technical groups. The technical groups offer (PhD) students a couple of pre-programmed experiments (i.e. templates), which can be adjusted to build up own experiments. In this way, the (PhD) student can efficiently program experiments fitting an technical optimal environment. This is what this course is all about. It aims at teaching programming skills, which are needed to modify the existing templates such that they meet your own demands. Because this can be quite complex, we start with short assignments, which address one basic and simple problem at a time. They will all contribute to the final assignment in which you will work on an existing template.
== Course ==
Find the presentation pre-reader here: [[Media:Presentation pcl pre-read 2013 .pdf]]
== Downloads ==
Please install this version on your computer:
32-bit: [[]]
64-bit: [[]]
For the latest Package Player click [ here]
== License ==

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