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Neurobs Presentation

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== Video ==
Presentation has a very limited support for only supports non-proprietary video playbackformats.<ref></ref> Neurobs recommends encoding your videos using h264 or XVID, in that it only supports and using the AVI format.<ref></ref> The TSG discourages the use of the obsolete XVID and AVI container, encoded with the equally because these standards have become obsolete XVID or the more modern (in recent years, but hard since we have had little success getting alternative non-proprietary video formats to find work in combination with Presentation,<ref>http://tsgdoc.avi) On php?title=Video_Codecs#Software_support</ref> it seems the use of AVI is inevitable. You can find more information on how to export and convert your videos for Neurobs Presentation on our [[Video Codecs#Neurobs Presentation|Video Codecs page]] you can find more information on how to convert your videos for Neurobs Presentation.
== Troubleshooting ==

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