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Erik van den Berge

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[[File:Erikvdb_wiki.png|thumb|192px|Erik van den Berge in 2014]]
Erik van den Berge is the TSG's resident Stimulus Designer. He is an expert in the field of digital media, with a bachelor's degree in Communication and Multimedia Design. As his job title suggests, Erik helps researchers with designing visual stimuli for scientific experiments.
His activities include, but are not limited to:
*2D content creation and manipulation
*3D content creation, including animation
*Video content creation and editing
*Game design and programming
*Managing the [[RIVER_Labs|Radboud Immersive Virtual Environment Research labs]]
Erik has his office set up in room B.00.85 of the Radboud Spinoza building. Feel free to drop by any workday between 9.30 and 18.00.
Alternatively, you can contact him via [ electronic mail] or telephone: +31243617811

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