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# They can use a demo experiment I programmed, and adapt it to their needs.
# If I find their study interesting, they can have me as a collaborator, then I take care of the programming. <p>These two alternatives create the additional complication that the task does not run immediately under Windows 7 or 8 (it was programmed for Windows XP). As far as I know, this is no problem in the BSI lab because Chi installed everything necessary there. It may be a (solveable) problem outside the BSI lab, though.</p>
# Alternatively, they can go to [] and download an Inquisit script of a joystick task, and then adapt that script to their needs. As far as I know, this script is the only working alternative to our own program. Other programs (e.g., E-Prime) cannot do the critical dynamic zoom function (pictures grow and shrink when you pull and push the joystick).
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