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RIVER Lab/Legacy
RIVER Lab 2 in 2015
LocationB.00.12a (RIVER Lab 1),
B.00.10 (RIVER Lab 2)

The Radboud Immersive Virtual Environment Research (RIVER) Labs are two Behavioral Science Institute research labs dedicated to experiments in Virtual Reality (VR). However, in 2013 it was decided to make RIVER Lab 1 available for other purposes as well, promoting RIVER Lab 2 as the prime facility for any VR research. The RIVER Labs are managed by Erik van den Berge of the TSG.

Physical Properties

Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels
Room Properties
Room Number B.00.12a B.00.10
Room Size[1] (m) 4.0 * 8.0 5.0 * 7.2


Both RIVER labs come with special equipment for creating a digital immersive virtual environment. The following specifications apply to the current lab setup, operational since January 2014. For older specifications, please contact the lab manager.

Tracking System Intersense IS-900 AR-Tracking ARTTRACK3
Type Inertial-Ultrasound Hybrid Optical, 16 Cameras
Accuracy (mm) 0.75 - 3.0 <1.0
Update Rate (Hz) 180 60
Tracking Software Intersense Server AR-Tracking DTrack 2.0
Tracker Type Inertial-Ultrasound Hybrid Sensor Passive retro-reflective markers
Virtual Reality
Wireless VR No No[2]
Stimulus PC Dell Precision T3610[3] Dell Precision T3610[3]
Stimulus Software Worldviz Vizard 4.0, Unity

Head Mounted Displays

Nvis Nvisor SX60 Oculus Rift Dev. Kit 1 HTC Vive
In service 2006 - October 2013 November 2013 - 2017 November 2016 -

In RIVER Lab 2, five retro-reflective markers are attached to the Head Mounted Display (except HTC Vive) via a custom 3D-printed frame for tracking the participant's position and orientation; any internal tracking in the HMD is disabled.


As of November 2016, standard HTC Vive setups are available in both RIVER Labs. These setups use the Vive's own "Lighthouse" tracking system instead of the lab's, and a standard Lab Computer (with upgraded graphics card). No wireless solution is available for the Vive (yet), so the tracking area is limited by the length of the cable and the range of the Lighthouse tracking system. As of September 2017, the Vive in RIVER Lab 2 has been equipped with the Deluxe Audio Strap, which has built-in headphones.

See Also


  1. Effective tracking area
  2. Possible with Oculus Rift DK1 only.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Different graphics card installed (GTX1060 or GTX1080). For exact up-to-date specifications, please contact the lab manager