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== Learning PsychoPy ==
== Learning PsychoPy ==
- [https://www.socsci.ru.nl/~wilberth/psychopy/index.html psychopy tutorial website]
* [https://www.socsci.ru.nl/~wilberth/psychopy/index.html psychopy tutorial website]
- [PsychoPy-Matplotlib Combining Psychopy and Matplotlib]
* [PsychoPy-Matplotlib Combining Psychopy and Matplotlib]
== Templates ==
== Templates ==
Find the presentation Template here [[Media:TemplatePsychopy2013.zip]]
Find the presentation Template here [[Media:TemplatePsychopy2013.zip]]

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Psychopy Logo.png
Development statusActive
Written inPython

PsychoPy is an alternative to Presentation, e-Prime and Inquisit. It is a Python library and application that allows presentation of stimuli and collection of data for a wide range of neuroscience, psychology and psychophysics experiments. When used on DCC computers PsychoPy is guaranteed to be millisecond accurate.


Python Packages

Click here for more information

Python Library Version
numpy version 0.9.6 or greater
scipy version 0.4.8 or greater
pyglet version 1.1.4, not version 1.2
wxPython version 2.8.10 or 2.8.11, not 2.9
Python Imaging Library sudo easy_install PIL
matplotlib for plotting and fast polygon routines
lxml needed for loading/saving builder experiment files
openpyxl for loading params from xlsx files
pyo sound, version 0.6.2 or higher, compile with —-no-messages

Learning PsychoPy


Find the presentation Template here Media:TemplatePsychopy2013.zip


Version History

For version history and bug fixes please check here: http://www.psychopy.org/changelog.html

Google Mailing list

For various information please click here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/psychopy-users

GitHub Repository

For requests / bug report / issues click here: https://github.com/psychopy/psychopy