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First Principles User Guide: Media:First_Principles_User_Guide(IL-1070104_Rev3).pdf

Optotrak Certus User Guide rev 6: Media:Optotrak_Certus_User_Guide_rev_6(IL-1070106).pdf

Optotrak Certus Marker Strober Guide: Media:Optotrak_Certus_Marker_Strober_Guide(IL-1070074).pdf

Optotrak Certus Tool Strober Guide: Media:Optotrak_Certus_Tool_Strober_Guide(IL-1070076).pdf

Optotrak Certus 3020 Strober Adapter Guide: Media:Optotrak_Certus_3020_Strober_Adapter_Guide(IL-1070075).pdf

Optotrak Data Acquisition Unit II Guide (ODAU unit): Media:Optotrak_Data_Acquisition_Unit_II_Guide(IL-1070028).pdf

NDI 6D Architect User Guide (usefull for making rigid body files): Media:NDI_6D_Architect_User_Guide(IL-1070059).pdf

NDI DataView User Guide: Media:NDI_DataView_User_Guide(IL-1070088).pdf

Optotrak Application Programmers Interface Guide. Usefull when you are creating your own software that communicates with the Optotrak System. We advise however to use First Principles to record your data and communicate with First Principles by using the First Principles Ethernet connection Protocol. Media:Optotrak_Application_Programmers_Interface_Guide(IL-1070086).pdf