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The Social Sciences GitLab server.

Mattermost Social Sciences
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PlatformMicrosoft Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, Android
LicenseMIT License and Apache License v2.0
  • Git Git Documentation.


With GitLab you can easily manage your projects, synchronize your code between computers, or create wiki-pages for documentation.


1. A GitLab account to log in at

  • Everyone from Radboud University can login (with their U-, S-, E- or F-number).
  • External users can ask for an account and then login with their username (switch to the "Standard" tab in the Sign-In page).

2. For more than the most basic tasks, you'll also need to install Git on your computer.

Login for external users

If you want to allow people without Radboud University account to access and contribute to your GitLab project, you can request a standard user account by sending an email to Please provide the full name of the user, a requested username, and a valid email address, preferably from the university the person is working in.

Note that with an external account, the user has to switch to the "Standard" tab on the Sign-In page. From GitLab's point of view, all accounts have the same rights and restrictions. Once logged in, there are no further differences.

Frequently asked questions

Who has access to

Short answer: Anyone with a GitLab account, i.e. everyone from Radboud University, and some people from other universities.

Longer answer: All employees and students of Radboud University have access (with their U-, S-, E- or F-number). If you log in the first time to GitLab, a corresponding account will be created. In addition, you can request accounts for people from other universities, for example to collaborate with them on confidential projects. See External Users above.


For technical issues you can contact

Known issues

  • None :)

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