Mattermost Social Sciences

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Mattermost Social Sciences
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, Android
LicenseMIT License and Apache License v2.0
  • Git Git Documentation.

The Social Sciences Mattermost server.


Mattermost is a chat system hosted on Radboud servers. You can use it in any web browser or with apps for your computer and mobile phone. It is an additional service of GitLab, and integrates nicely with your groups and projects there.


You need a GitLab account to log in at

  • Everyone from Radboud University can login (with their U-, S-, E- or F-number).
  • External users can ask for an account and then login with their username (switch to the "Standard" tab in the Sign-In page).

Login for external users

If you want to allow people without Radboud University account to access and contribute to your GitLab project.

Frequently asked questions

Who has access to

Short answer: Anyone with a GitLab account, i.e. everyone from Radboud University, and some people from other universities. See Gitlab Social Sciences for more information.


For technical issues you can contact

Known issues

  • None :)

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