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Welcome to the TSG-Wiki page.



Hardware Documentation

  • Electroencephalography
  • ButtonBoxes
  • Eyetrackers
  • VR-Headsets
  • Biopac
  • Camera Systems

Software Documentation

  • Neurobs Presentation
  • Psychopy
  • E-Prime
  • Inquisit by Millisecond software
  • Matlab
  • Noldus Media Recorder
  • Noldus Observer
  • Audacity

Lab Setups

  • Cubicles
  • EEG Lab
  • VoiceKey Lab
  • VR Lab
  • Balanceboard Lab
  • Interaction Lab
  • Flex Lab

Lab Use Policy and Guidelines

Computer Equipment
Lab Equipment
Software Usage

Personal Pages

Erik van den Berge
Wilbert van Ham
Norbert Hermesdorf
Chi Lieu
Gerard van Oijen
Pascal de Water
Hubert Voogd
Philip van den Broek