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Limesurvey screenshot01.jpg
A Limesurvey survey with the Radboud template
Installed version2.05+build141113 #225
Available in84 languages
Radboud Survey 2

New version

Please use the new version of Limesurvey (Limesurvey 3) for new surveys. The rest of this page is about the old version (Limesurvey 2) but may be applicable to the new version as well.


LimeSurvey is a popular open source system for making and publishing surveys. All students and staff of the Faculty of Social Sciences can use it.

Log on to with your university number and password to make a survey. Invitations to surveys can be send with a direct link to the survey (e.g. or by referring to the main survey page Note that in the latter case the participant has to find the survey in a list. By default surveys are not listed on the main page. Change this in the survey settings if you wish. The preferred way is using direct links.

There is no limit on the number of surveys that you can make or the number of participants in a survey.


There is a Limesurvey beginner tutorial for use of Limesurvey on the Radboud University Faculty of Social Sciences. To work with multiple people on the same survey, follow the instructions on our Collaboration page.


From you can access several demontration surveys. The pages below show some key elements in how they were made.

Demo audio
Demo video
Demo time
Demo random
Demo Psychopy Finish your Psychopy experiment with a survey


The TSG has helped to create a Radboud-branded template for Limesurvey. When creating a new survey, it should be applied by default. If not, go to:
Survey properties -> General settings -> Presentation & navigation -> Template -> Radboud -> Save

Select Radboud Template

Note: The Radboud template does not yet feature a fully responsive design and may therefore not be suitable for use on mobile devices or small screens.

Sona integration

If you want to use Sona to invite people to take your survey, please follow the manual provided bij Sona. Furthermore, if this participant ID should be stored in LimeSurvey such that it is possible to link a response to a participant ID, then you would also have to follow the instructions in the manual provided by LimeSurvery. Please make sure to test whether it works with a pilot run.

Data Storage

Surveys and collected data are stored on campus. The server is not to be used for long term data storage. Surveys and data may be removed after a year without prior warning.


The TSG provides limited technical support for Limesurvey. Users themselves are responsible for the creation and design of their surveys, as well as the data analysis. For Help on designing your survey you can contact Pieter van Groenestijn (RTOG). For questions about the use of Limesurvey, please consult the manual or the community support. For technical support, contact our Administrator or Eric Lieffers (ISC server admin).

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