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With exception of the EEG Labs, headphones are the standard audio delivery system in our labs. In dedicated audio labs, such as the Sound Recording Lab and the VoiceKey Lab, headphones are part of the standard equipment. In other labs (e.g. Cubicles), you can lend one of our recommended headphones (listed below) from Ronny.

Sony mdr-7506.jpg
Sony MDR-7506 headphones


Shure SE112 Sennheiser HD201 Sony MDR-7506
Type In-ear Over-ear, closed back Over-ear, closed back
Usage Instances where the headband of a regular headphone would interfere with other equipment (e.g. EEG) General purpose Audio recording, analytic listening


When plugging the headphones directly into our lab computer, please use the green port on the back of the case. The front audio jack, while more accessible, can introduce noise.