Head Mounted Displays

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Head Mounted Display
HTC Vive

A head-mounted display (HMD), is a display device worn on the head or as part of a helmet, glasses or visor, that has a small display optic in front of one or each eye[1]. HMDs are most often used for virtual reality, for instance in the Radboud Immersive Virtual Environment Research labs.


We currently offer the following types of head-mounted display in our research labs. For a full comparison of past and present HMDs, as well as other headsets on the market, see Comparison.

Image: 200 pixels Image: 200 pixels
HTC Vive Valve Index
Display Type AMOLED LCD
Display Resolution (px, per eye) 1080 * 1200 1440*1600
Display Elements 2 2
Pixel Density (ppi) unspecified 598
Total Pixels (per eye) 1,296,000 2,304,000
Display Refresh Rate (Hz) 90 80/90/120/144
Viewing Optics
Field of View [fn 1] 110° 130°
IPD (mm) 60.9-73.6 58-70
Physical properties
Weight (g) 555 809
Cable Length (m) 4.5 5.0
Platform PC PC
SteamVR compatible Yes Yes
Inputs HDMI, USB DisplayPort, USB
Controller Vive Wand Valve Index
Type Lighthouse Lighthouse 2.0
Degrees of Freedom 6 6
Max. Play Area (m2) 16 100[fn 2]
Additional Trackers Yes Yes
Hand Tracking No No
Built-in Headphones Optional[fn 3] Yes
  1. Field of View specified by manufacturer, could be horizontal or diagonal. Actual field of view depends on the distance between the HMD lenses and your eyes. For all listed devices, this distance is variable.
  2. Requires 4 Lighthouses 2.0
  3. Available with the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

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