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The Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are integrated into a 17" TFT monitor. They are ideal for all forms of eye tracking studies using screen based stimuli.


Technical Specification

Tobii T60 Eye Tracker Tobii 120 Eye Tracker*


0.5 degrees 0.5 degrees


< 0.3 degrees < 0.3 degrees

Freedom of Head Movement

44x22x30cm 30x22x30cm

Data Rate

60Hz 120Hz

Binocular Tracking

Yes Yes

TFT Display

17" TFT, 1280x1024Pixels 17" TFT, 1280x1024Pixels

Bright/Dark Pupil Tracking

Both - automatic optimization Both - automatic optimization

Eye Tracking Server

Embedded Embedded

User Camera

Built in Built in


Built in Built in
  • The Tobii T120 Eye Tracker can also run in T60 mode with full head movement box

Getting started

Find the Getting started here Media:Getting_a_Tobii_Eye_Tracker_to_Work.pdf


Find the Documentation here Media:TobiiEyetrackerExtension_1_1.zip

SMI iview

Image: 200 pixels

Hardware Documentation

Find the user manual here RTENOTITLE

Presentation Script

Find the presentation extension here RTENOTITLE

Find the presentation script here RTENOTITLE

Python Script

Find the python script here RTENOTITLE