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*[[Media:TobiiEyetrackerExtension_1_1.zip|Full Documentation (zip)]]
*[[Media:TobiiEyetrackerExtension_1_1.zip|Full Documentation (zip)]]
*[http://www.visionspace.at/uploads/media/TobiiWorkspaceExtension_1_0.zip Neurobs Presentation plugin & documentation]
*[http://www.visionspace.at/index.php?id=3&L=1 Neurobs Presentation plugin & documentation]
== SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) ==
== SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) ==

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SR Research

SR Research EyeLink II

EyeLink II

The EyeLink II system consists of three miniature cameras mounted on a padded headband. Two eye cameras allow binocular eye tracking or selection of the subject’s dominant eye. An optical head-tracking camera integrated into the headband allows accurate tracking of the subject’s point of gaze without the need for a bite bar.


EyeLink II
500 Hz binocular eye monitoring
0.5º average accuracy
Access eye position data with 3.0 msec delay
0.01º RMS resolution
High quality computer based or scene camera eye tracking
Fast and simple participant setup, calibration, and validation


Tobii T60
Tobii TX300

Tobii T60/T120

The Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers are integrated into a 17" TFT monitor. They are ideal for all forms of eye tracking studies using screen based stimuli.

There is a Tobii setup in the babylab, which is in a fixed lab setup.

There are also two mobile Tobii setups. Please contact Gero Lange (mailto:g.lange@psych.ru.nl) for booking requests. Please keep in mind that these mobile setups are booked _without_ a room. If you plan to use these eyetrackers, make sure to also book a room that can be locked. You can use it in a cubicle, as long as you make sure that the eyetracker is stored in a locked room at the end of the day.

Lab setup



Tobii T60 Eye Tracker Tobii T120 Eye Tracker1
Accuracy (degrees) 0.5 0.5
Drift (degrees) < 0.3 < 0.3
Freedom of Head Movement (cm) 44 * 22 * 30 30 * 22 * 30
Data Rate (Hz) 60 120
Binocular Tracking Yes Yes
Display Size (inch) 17 17
Display Resolution (px) 1280 * 1024 1280 * 1024
Bright/Dark Pupil Tracking Both - automatic optimization Both - automatic optimization
Eye Tracking Server Embedded Embedded
User Camera Built-in Built-in
Audio Built-in Speakers Built-in Speakers

1The Tobii T120 Eye Tracker can also run in T60 mode with full head movement box

Presentation plugin, including documentation on how to install and how to use it:


Tobii TX300


SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI)

SMI iView X



iView X