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[[Media:EEG_lab_user_guide.pdf|EEG lab user guide]]
[[Media:EEG_lab_user_guide.pdf|EEG lab user guide]]
[[Media:actiCap-32 Channel-DCC cap configuration.pdf|acticCap-32 Channel-DCC cap configuration]]
[[Media:Cleaningprocedure_EEG.pdf|Cleaning procedure EEG]]
[[Media:actiCap-64 Channel-DCC cap configuration.pdf|acticCap-64 Channel-DCC cap configuration]]
[[Media:actiCap-32 Channel-DCC cap configuration.pdf|actiCap-32-Channel DCC cap configuration]]
[[Media:actiCap-64 Channel-DCC cap configuration.pdf|actiCap-64-Channel DCC cap configuration]]

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Lab Setup

Image: 800 pixels


How to interface with the EEG setup: http://tsgdoc.socsci.ru.nl/index.php?title=Brainvision

Display Settings

By default the primary display and secondary display are cloned.

Monitor: BenQ XL2420Z Refresh Rate: 120hz Resolution: 1920*1080 (1080p) Color depth: 32bit Display Configuration: Display 2 cloned with Display 1

Useful files

EEG lab user guide

Cleaning procedure EEG

actiCap-32-Channel DCC cap configuration

actiCap-64-Channel DCC cap configuration