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*[[Computers#Lab Computer|Dell T3600]]
*[[Computers#Lab Computer|Dell Precision T-series Workstation]]
*[[Monitors|Benq XL2420Z]]
*[[Monitors|Benq XL2420Z]] (or equivalent)
*[[Computers#Keyboard|Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard]]
*[[Computers#Keyboard|Corsair Vengeance K70 Keyboard]]
*[[Computers#Mouse|Logitech G500 and G700 mice]]
*[[Computers#Mouse|Logitech G500 Mouse]]
*[[ButtonBoxes|ButtonBox]] (DCC only)
*[[ButtonBoxes|ButtonBox]] (DCC only)

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Cubicle bsi 01.png
Lab Computer in a cubicle (BSI)

Cubicles are computer-interaction labs with a uniform, standardized layout and lab computer setup.

Physical Properties

Contrary to its popular definition, our cubicles are actually fully enclosed rooms. They are designed for single-person experiments and only feature the essentials for basic computer tasks: a desk, a chair, and a standard lab computer setup.



  1. Enter cubicle.
  2. Use computer.