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Lab computer
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Typical lab setup
Test Results

Lab Computer

All TSG-supported research labs have been equipped with a Dell Precision T-series computer. You can find the exact type of your lab computer printed on the front of the case. The current model is the T3610, of which you can view the simplified specifications below. Consult a member of the TSG if you are not sure which computer you have been using for your past research.

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Dell Precision T3610
CPU Intel Quad Core (8 threads), 3.7Ghz
Memory size 8GB
Audio Line out, Line in
Network Gigabit Ethernet
Storage 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
Optical Drive Yes

Graphics Card

See also: Graphics Card

The lab computers are, by default, equipped with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 graphics card. Some T3600 models, however, use a GeForce GTX 760 instead, and the new T5810 comes with a GeForce GTX 970. Contact our administrator if you want to be sure which card is installed.



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Corsair Vengeance K70
Keyboard Layout US-International QWERTY
Key Switches Cherry MX Red
Actuation Force (g) 45g
Polling Rate 1000hz
Chassis Black anodized aluminum
USB Pass-through Yes (USB 2.0)
Multimedia Controls Yes
Backlight Yes1, Red
Win Lock Yes
Test Results
Button response time 1ms

1 Can be switched on/off per key


Image: 100 pixels Image: 100 pixels
Logitech G500S Logitech G700S
Wireless No Yes (Wire optional)
Cable Length / Wireless Range (m) 2.0 10.0
Interface USB 2.0 2.4GHz RF, USB 2.0
Tracking Technology Laser Laser
Resolution 200 - 8200 dpi (127-3.1 μm) 200 - 8200 dpi (127-3.1 μm)
Image Processing (Mpix/s) 12 12
Max. Acceleration (g) 30 30
Max. Velocity (m/s) 4.19 4.19
USB Data Format (bits/axis) 16 16
Polling Rate (Hz) 1000 1000
Sleep Mode Disabled Disabled
Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic (μ) 0.09 0.09
Coefficient of Friction, Static (μ) 0.14 0.09
Max. Tuning Weight (g) 27 27