Cleaning Procedures

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Disinfection and cleaning procedure EEG equipment

Caps and electrodes should be cleaned immediately after use, by following these steps:


Remove the electrodes from the cap by twisting them (see picture). Hold the entire electrode head between your thumb and index finger and gently twist them out.

Place the ActiCAP Controlbox and splitter boxes on the designated places near the sink, to make sure that the ActiCAP control box, splitter box and connection cable (no 1, 5 and 7 in figure) are kept dry at all times!


Place the electrodes not directly in the sink, but in the colander in order to avoid damage to the electrode tips.


Clean the electrodes and cap with a toothbrush using lukewarm, running water. Do not forget to clean the tubular space in the electrode with a needle or tooth pick. Make sure all gel remains are removed from cap and electrodes!

Rinse the electrodes with distilled water. Put the ActiCAP Controlbox, and splitterbox on a towel on a table to dry, make sure that no objects are placed onto the ActiCAP system.



Make sure that the ActiCAP control box (7),splitterbox (1) and connection cable (5) are kept dry!


Disinfect the cap (not the electrodes) with Sekusept:

a.     Wear suitable protective clothing: gloves.

b.    Produce the disinfection solution by diluting with water in the designated bucket. Mix 40 ml of Sekusept with 960 ml of water (the solution is to be prepared fresh daily).

c.     Soak cap in the solution for 15 minutes, not longer!

d.    Rinse with tap water.


Hang the cap to dry. Any residual dampness can dry off in the air. Using the hairdryer to speed up drying is not encouraged as the hot air can ruin the elasticity of the cap. If using the hair dryer can’t be avoided due to consecutive measurements, use medium temperature and blow settings (e.g., not the highest).

Hang the used or wet towels to dry outside the lab on the dryers and put dried towels in the laundry basket. DO NOT PUT WET TOWELS IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET.

Remove gel remainings on table, chair, and equipment.


The last person scheduled in the lab will be held responsible for its status. If caps, electrodes or other parts of the lab were insufficiently cleaned you will be contacted by the lab coordinator.

 Sekusept can be used for the disinfection and cleaning of thermolabile and thermostable medical instruments , endoscopes and electrodes. Effective against bacteria (TBC), viruses (HIV, HBV). 100 g contains agents: 25 Glucoprotami.

Sekusept: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If in contact with skin immediately wash off with copious quantities of water. Remove stained/soaked clothes immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Store in original container below 25 degree. Do not mix disinfectants with other products. Do not empty concentrated Sekusept Plus in the sink.