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Software Documentation

Find the Brainvision analyzer manual here Media:BrainVision_Analyzer_UM.pdf

Find the Brainvision recorder manual here Media:BrainVision_Recorder_UM.pdf

Find the Brainvision macro cookbook manual here Media:Macro_Cookbook.pdf

Find the Brainvision RecView manual here Media:BrainVision_RecView_UM.pdf

Find the Brainvision Automation manual here Media:Automation_Reference_Manual.pdf

EEG Markers


  1. TemplateINFO.pcl

output_port Oport = output_port_manager.get_port( 1 );

  1. TemplateSUBS.pcl

Oport.send_code(100); #This is your marker code, range code 1-255 wait_interval(2); #2ms delay for the code to be recorded by brainvision; 2ms->500hz sampling rate Oport.send_code(0); #Back to 0; now ready to send a new code