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== DCC Labs ==
== DCC Labs ==
If you want to book any of the DCC labs, click [https://intranet.donders.ru.nl/index.php?id=3614 here].
DCC labs can be reserved via the [https://instrumentmaker.socsci.ru.nl/ultimotest DCC Lab Booking system].  
== Baby Research Center Nijmegen ==
== Baby Research Center Nijmegen ==

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Here you can find an overview of the various booking systems within the faculty.

Radboud Participation Research System

With the SONA System you can advertise your experiments and recruit participants for your study.

BSI Labs

If you want to book the EEG Bus, Mobile EEG, or the EEG Lab, click here

For booking cubicles and interaction rooms, click here

If you want to book one of the RIVERLabs, please contact Erik

For the Inquisit Web License, please contact Thijs

For Observation rooms, click here

For the Observer laboratory (NOLDUS), click here

DCC Labs

If you want to book any of the DCC labs, click here.

Baby Research Center Nijmegen

For general information and booking information on the Baby Research Centre, click here .

Survey System

For online surveys, see http://thesistools.com/