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AAT was created by Prof. Mike Rinck. He writes the following for people who want to use it:

People who want to run experiments with the AAT (or joystick task, for short), have three possibiilties:

They can use our own little Visual Basic program. In that case, they should contact me for help and instructions. They then have the choice:

  1. They can use a demo experiment I programmed, and adapt it to their needs.
  2. If I find their study interesting, they can have me as a collaborator, then I take care of the programming.

    These two alternatives create the additional complication that the task does not run immediately under Windows 7 or 8 (it was programmed for Windows XP). As far as I know, this is no problem in the BSI lab because Chi installed everything necessary there. It may be a (solveable) problem outside the BSI lab, though.

  3. Alternatively, they can go to www.millisecond.com and download an Inquisit script of a joystick task, and then adapt that script to their needs. As far as I know, this script is the only working alternative to our own program. Other programs (e.g., E-Prime) cannot do the critical dynamic zoom function (pictures grow and shrink when you pull and push the joystick).


Group Files

The path to the group files can be changed within the groupxxx.txt file. You can open the file with any editor.


You can change the path within the groupxxx.txt file. The file can be opened in any editor.

Recommended Resolution

The default resolution of the AAT program is set on 1024x768 on a Aspect Ratio of 4:3. The Monitor need to be set on "Aspect"

Higher resolutions will result that the pictures are not alligned in the centre.

Directx 7 Components

To make use of the Logitech Attack 3 controller within Windows 7, you need to install the following DLL:

  • dx7vb.dll

For installation instructions you can go here