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Behringer X-Air XR18

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The Behringer X-Air XR18 is a digital mixer and multi-channel audio interface. It gives the user a high level of control over all audio in- and outputs during an experiment.
The TSG is planning to roll out the XR18 in select research labs in Q2 2017Q1 2018.
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=== Connection ===
The XR18 communicates with its digital interface via ethernetEthernet, either wired or wireless. We offer several solutions for wired connections as described below, but recommend the first one.
==== Connection with hub, DHCP Server ====
You The TSG has developed a custom, simplified interface for controlling the XR18 mixer called 'Beer'. This program can be found in the start menu on our lab computers (Start\All Programs\Behringer).If you require more controls and options, you can either use the official Behringer 'X-AIRAir-Edit' software that gives full control of the XR18, or our custom, simplified 'Beer' softwareprogram.
The software is available for on [ our git server.]
You can download a more comprehensive manual [[Media:Beer_Audio.pdf|here]].
===X-Air Edit===
If you require a more elaborate setup than the simple Beer interface can provide, please consult the TSG or the [ official X-Air Edit documentation].
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*[ Official product page]]

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