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Booking labs

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== General ==
Here you can find an overview of the various booking systems within the faculty.
== Radboud Participation Research System ==
 With the *[ SONA System] Allows you can to advertise your experiments and recruit participants for your study.
== BSI Labs ==
*[ EEG Bus, Mobile EEG and EEG Lab]
*[ Cubicle and Interaction labs]
*[ Noldus Observer lab] (radboudnet)
*[ Observation rooms] (radboudnet)
*RIVER Labs: Contact the [[RIVER_Labs/manager| RIVER lab manager]]
*Eyetracker labs (mobile Tobii T60, Tobii T120, SMI RED 500) or static (SMI IViewX Hi-speed): Before reserving an eyetracker it is crucial to contact [[Hubert Voogd]] and inform him about your plans. He will advice you which system will be the most suitable for your plans. Reservations can be arranged with [ Gero Lange]. Please provide not only detailed information about the time period you wish to test in (weeks and days of those weeks), but also the names of all testers involved as well as the responsible supervisor. []
If you want to book the EEG Bus, Mobile EEG, or the EEG Lab, click [ here] For booking cubicles and interaction rooms, click [ here] If you want to book one of the RIVERLabs, contact [[Erik van den Berge]] For the need an Inquisit Web License, please contact [ Thijs Verwijmeren] For Observation rooms, click [ here] For the Observer laboratory (NOLDUS), click [ here]
== DCC Labs ==
If you want to book any of the DCC labs, click *[ here5026 DCC Lab Booking System] (intranet)*To view lab bookings in your own calendar software use [[ultimo icalendar]].
== Baby Research Centre Nijmegen ==
 For general information and booking information on the Baby Research Centre, click *[ hereBaby Research Centre] .

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