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== Hardware Documentation ==
== Hardware Documentation ==
Find the hardware design here [[Media:BIOPAC MP Hardware Guide.pdf]]
== Software Documentation ==
== Software Documentation ==
== Presentation Script ==
Find the hardware design here [[Media:AcqKnowledge Software Guide.pdf]]

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Hardware Documentation

Find the hardware design here Media:BIOPAC MP Hardware Guide.pdf

Software Documentation

Find the hardware design here Media:AcqKnowledge Software Guide.pdf

Data Acquisition system (MP150)

Universal Interface Module (UIM100C)

Isolated Digital Interface (STP100)

EEG Electroencephalogram Aplifier (EEG100C)

EMG Electromyogram Amplifier (EMG100C)

ECG Electrocardiogram Amplifier (ECG100C)

GSR EDA Galvanic Skin Respons Amplifier (GSR100C)

EOG Electrooculogram Amplifier (EOG100C)

High-Level Transducer Module (HLT100C)

Skin Temperature Amplifier (SKT100C)

Pulse Plethysmogram Amplifier (PPG100C)

General Purpose Transducer Amplifier (DA100C)

Condor Power Supply (Euro Power Cord)

Biopotential Amp To Touchproof inputs (MEC110C)

Interface Mod Phone Jack (unit DA100C/TCI105)

Accelerometer 5G, uses 3 inputs on HLT100C (TSD109C1)

Skin Resistance Trans, unit GSR100C (TSD203)

Fast Response Thermistor, unit SKT100C (TSD202A)

Photo Plethysmograph Trans, unit PPG100C (TSD200)

Clip Lead White 1M TP Shielded (LEAD110S-W)

Clip Lead Red 1M TP shielded (LEAD110S-R)

Clip Lead Black 1M TP Unshielded (LEAD110)

Stackable Jumper 1.5mm, 10cm (JUMP100C)

E-Prime Cable TD2004085 (LPT-port Markers)